Mission Statement

It is our mission at Gear Guyz to get top dollar for your new and gently used sports gear, while driving sales into our locally-owned and operated pro shops that work hard to support our young athletes. It is also important to us to grow the games we love in new markets, which is why we are so proud to work with Hockey For Good. Any donated gear goes to their mission of exposing young athletes to the game of hockey in markets where it isn’t a part of the culture like it is here in Minnesota. Make sure to check them out!

About Us

My name is Alex and I teamed up with my local pro shop to help sell some of their old inventory, and while I was at it some of their customers starting asking if I could sell some of their old gear. In just 18 months, I’ve sold over 3,000 items and there’s no end in sight. I have near perfect ratings on all of the major reselling marketplaces, so items tend to move quickly. I take the hassle of taking the pictures, posting the item, answering all the questions, and bartering out of your hands so you can get your garage back and spend your free time on something more enjoyable.