• Before Working With Us

    You may have gear that is laying around collecting dust that is worth something! You can give us your gear and get your garage back!

  • After Working With Us

    Once you let us help, your garage will be organized and clean.

  • The benefits of working with us

    Not only do you get your garage back, but you get more cash in your wallet!

Selling With the Gear Guyz

Selling with us is simple. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Find gear that meets our selling requirements.

Step 2: Drop off your gear at your local pro shop or attend one of our events (found on social media).

Step 3: Fill out our drop off questionnaire with this link.

Step 4: Collect your gift card or cash.

Selling FAQ

What if I want my item(s) back?

Once you give us your item, it will not be given back until it sells or it has been 90 days.

Why should I work with Gear Guyz?

You should work with the Gear Guyz because we make it easy to get your garage back. We sell your gear without having the hassle of listing the gear and dealing with buyers. Our competitors give 30-40% of what they sell your equipment for, while working with us, you can earn up to 70%.

How long should I expect to receive my payment?

When your item is given to us we will keep it for 90 days and after that period is up, your item will be available to pick up at your local pro shop or donated to Hockey for Good.

What if I want a certain amount for my product?

We reserve the right to sell your item/s for what we deem to be market value. We will agree on a starting price, but that may change with time if the item isn’t selling.  Buyers like to negotiate, and we work hard to get the most value possible.

How much money can I make?

When you receive your payment you have two options. You can get a Venmo Money Transfer, or receive a gift card to be used at Your favorite
Local Pro Shop. If you choose the Venmo option, you will receive 50% of what your item sells for. If you choose the gift card option, you will get 70% of what your item sells for.